How to execute a query in streamlit


I connected streamlit app to my database. I used a secrets.toml file to store the information needed.

I created the session and everything works perfectly. But now I am struggling to execute sql commands. For example “show grants to user

How would I go about executing that query and showing the results in my streamlit app?

I did some research and see I’d have to use a cursor object, but if you use the secrets file you can’t create a cursor object.

“show grants to user” doesn’t look like SQL.

Have you looked through this tutorial yet? Connect Streamlit to MySQL - Streamlit Docs

If you use st.experimental_connection (with a secrets file) you can either do queries with the .query("show grants...") method, or you can get the sqlalchemy session object with the .session, and use that to get a cursor if you need to python - How to get cursor in SQLAlchemy - Stack Overflow

My database I am using is snowflake , I should have mentioned my apologies

There’s a tutorial about this – take a look and see if it’s helpful Connect Streamlit to Snowflake - Streamlit Docs

Hey @rmc, did you ever figure this one out? I’m running into the same issue, I can’t figure out how to show grants using Streamlit since it’s not regarded as traditional SQL. I haven’t been able to find any straightforward docs on this.

I’m not sure you are allowed to do a SHOW query from snowpark or snowflake-python-connector, so you might need to something like this Snowflake Community and then query the resulting table.

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