How to find .streamlit/config.toml file?


cannot find .streamlit/config.toml file in my computer,I want to change the theme of app

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Hi @selenachenjingxin

Thanks for your question, you can create a new folder called .streamlit and inside this folder create a file called config.toml. Next, inside the config.toml file please paste the following contents and save the file:

font="sans serif"

Alternatively, you can clone this GitHub template of a Streamlit app (GitHub - streamlit/app-starter-kit: Streamlit App Starter Kit helps kick start your Streamlit app creation.) to build your own app.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Hi @selenachenjingxin

.streamlit/config.toml file resides in the home dir of your system, and not in the current folder location.

if you are a Mac user, you can type the following In your terminal:

$ cd
$ find .streamlit

This command should show you the dir name as “.streamlit” if it can find in the home dir

To add your custom theme to the config file, assuming the “.streamlit” dir resides in the home dir, you can do the following :

$ cd .streamlit
$ nano config.toml

And add your custom theme code.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
Viraj Sabhaya

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