How to fix DuplicateWidgetID: There are multiple identical st.checkbox widgets with key='1'

I just make a library management system using streamlit but when I add a while loop in our code it gives me DuplicateWidgetID: There are multiple identical st. checkbox widgets with key='1'. so please anyone can help me to solve this problem.

import streamlit as st 

 st.title("Library Management System")
 st.subheader("Welcome to the Central 

count = 1

bookslist = ["algorithms","python","hands on Machine Learning","c Language"]

c1 = st.checkbox("Display the Books" , key = str(count))
if c1:
    for book in bookslist:
        st.header("-->" + book)

You have a while(True) at the center. After executing all the code, it returns to while and tries to recreate the c1 widget. Since you do not increase the count with count += 1, it uses the same key.
You can either remove the while(True) statement or add a count += 1.

i was add the count += 1 statement at the end of the code but it nothing will change it will gives me same error.

To be honest, the code is meaningless since it does not get out while loop and dict(“a”,“b”) code is wrong.
Remove the while loop and try again.

Anyway, the overall error is not related to Streamlit. It is simple, keys should change! Your error is it uses same key since it does not change count variable.