How to fix this error - FIleNotFound [Errorno -2] No such file or directory-'eval_bird.yml'

I am getting this error …my github repo is can anyone help me to rectify this error…

As the error message says, the yml file is not found. The path is probably not correct, because the script probably looks for it in a parent or child folder.

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I tried it by keeping full path… Still getting same error…

Can you point to the file resulting in this error?
When I opened your repo and navigated to the deployed app, I found it to be different than this one and it also seems to be working completely fine.

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I assume you are starting the streamlit app from a different folder.
And i would not run streamlit within pycharm or any other ide.
Start the streamlit app on the console with streamlit run

I assume this is the reason why it does not work.
...\venv\Scripts is the root folder where you call the streamlit script and there is no yml file.

  • open a console (outside pycharm)
  • go to your project folder
  • activate your venv
  • run streamlit run
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Yeah Okk…Got it…Thanks!!