How to get larger capture size from camera input - (and collapsing image preview after capture)

Dear amazing community,

I have been enjoying the new camera input alot! However, using my phone, I had alot of troubles getting good results using various computer vision libraries.

After printing the shape of my array I found out that the images are quite tiny. For example, using the file_uploader() and snapping an image will give you the full resolution (close to 4000x3000 in my case). However using the camera_input(), the images I retrieve are just around 10 times smaller (…so close to 400x300 pixels).

So my question is, is there any modifications I can do to retrieve higher quality images from the camera_input function?

And secondly, is there anyway of collapsing the preview of the capture image after snapping it (but maintaining the “clear photo” button so I can still reset)?