How to input st.date_input as None,


I want list some action plan, it will use date input, how to set the data as none, the st_date_input value Defaults should be today? and it can’t set none? how to do?

import streamlit as st

date = st.date_input("date")
if date is not None:
    st.write("Date is:", date)
    st.write("Date is none。")

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This is not supported yet.

Try this hack if it suits on your case. Just create an initial date value. If that value is set, consider it as None.

import streamlit as st
from datetime import datetime 

init_date_str = '1960-01-01'
init_date_dt = datetime.strptime(init_date_str, "%Y-%m-%d")

date = st.date_input("date", value=init_date_dt)

if date !=
    st.write("Date is:", date)
    st.write("Date is none.")


I have tried to this, it can’t use, because it the defaults date is 1966-1-1, if we select the data, all start with 1966-1-1, not today button, and select year controlled only +/- 10 years

You can define a max_value.

date = st.date_input(
    max_value=datetime.strptime("2100-01-01", "%Y-%m-%d")