How to insert "%" after result on st.metric?


I cant show my result on metric with porcentage

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

atend_prev = pd.read_excel(r'Planlog Comodato.xlsm', sheet_name='PLANLOG')
            atend_prev = atend_prev.groupby('FAMILIA')['ATENDIMENTO PREVISÃO', ' PREVISÃO ATUAL'].sum()
            perc_atend = (atend_prev['ATENDIMENTO PREVISÃO'] / atend_prev[' PREVISÃO ATUAL'] * 100).astype('int')
            st.metric(label='ATENDIMENTO DE PREVISÃO EM (%)', value=perc_atend)```

Like this?

    value=str(perc_atend) + "%"

Not good, the tittle of the column is printed, because i divided two columns on dataframe to know my result, the line 3 - perc_atend

Not sure what the problem is. Your screenshot seems clipped. Is there not a % symbol after the result? I don’t know what there is in perc_atend so I cannot run the code in my computer to see how it looks like with your data. It works well with my own data.

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