How to keep track of who is logging into Deployed app?

Hi everyone,

My questions involves a publicly deployed app (via heroku) with individual user logins. I want to keep track of exactly when (and preferably where but not as important) each user is logging in. And then have a way to access this information.

I found the best way to do so in a pinch as to log into Gmail API, and send myself an email saying โ€œPerson A just logged inโ€. I would continue to do so, but it has become more and more frequent that Google flags these logins for security reasons and my whole app gets bugged out because it wonโ€™t log in.

I would really prefer a way to keep track of who is logging in and when without having to send myself emails. Is there a way to do this that can circumvent the whole process of having to login to my email and possibly (likely) bug the whole app?

Thank you.

Would this recent announcement help? New Component: auth0_component, a simple way to authenticate a user - #4 by asehmi

Also, this sounds a lot like a request for analytics. There is a streamlit analytics extension โ€“ GitHub - jrieke/streamlit-analytics: ๐Ÿ‘€ Track & visualize user interactions with your streamlit app.

Hi @fredzannarbor - Thanks for the shout out, though the โ€œnewโ€ auth0_component above is by @conrad_bezuidenhout. :slight_smile:

I build this one back in January: Streamlit Next.js Component, Auth0 Authentication, Bi-Directional Messaging & Serverless APIs.

With Auth0 you can write login flow interceptors which run as small JS modules in Auth0 itself, and these can be used for all kinds of integrations and analytics, across multiple apps even. Also Auth0 has built-in user management and user activity monitoring dashboards (and much more).