Persistent user login for Streamlit community cloud app?

I have an app hosted on the community cloud:
I want to add a user login component to this to retain user history and implement a leaderboard of sorts.

I am currently trying the streamlit_login_auth_ui component, but it saves new users in a _secret_auth.json file, which I believe will be overwritten whenever a new version of the app is deployed to the cloud?

Is there a component that would let me enable user login that remains persistent? I would also prefer to retain an option for the users to access the dashboard as a guest without logging in.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @sakp7 ,

Thank you for your suggestions!
I am not able to find the streamlit_firebase_auth library. Can you please share a link?

There is no such library, it was invented by some LLM.

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How secure of system are you desiring? If you want simplicity, you could just set up an external data source to save username, pin/password, and whatever saved info you want per user. I would not recommend a homebrewed-from-scratch solution for anything of importance but if it’s a low-stakes game and users are warned accordingly it may be sufficient until easier implementations are available if you don’t want to build a custom component yourself. (Just make sure to warn users that the pin/password is not stored encrypted, so please don’t use your debit card pin or a password from another system! :crazy_face:)

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Security is not a concern. I just want some user login and identification to save user history across sessions.
I think I’ll build one myself using an external data source. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @sakp7 ,

I cannot find your responses anymore, but I hope you realize how counterproductive your response was for me. Not only did it not help in the first place, but I wasted time researching a solution that didn’t even exist.

Please don’t do this. There is a reason StackOverflow does not allow such responses anymore.


Just wanted to update you that I was able to set-up a login form :slight_smile:

It lets you:

  • Create a new account
  • Login as an existing user, or
  • Play as a guest

Would be great if you could take a look and let me know what you think :pray:
Spellbee · Streamlit

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Looks good! Glad it worked out.

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