How to load dataframe from databribck dataplateform

Hello everyone, i want to import tables from databricks i use the function DataPlatformTable(DataFamily) in DSS.

The tables are to large, this method doesn’t work for this data.
when i use st.dataframe to show the data the still like the photo below

I don’t know if there is other methods can help me to load this data.

Thank you

Hi @ANOUAR, welcome to the Streamlit community!

It’s not clear what you are doing here, could you post the actual code? Separate from that, it’s important to remember that if you are working with data that is so large that you need distributed computing (i.e. Databricks), dumping it to the browser screen is likely not what you want to do anyway. What use case are you trying to solve for?


Hello @randyzwitch, thank you for your response.

i run the code below and the kernel keep dying, i just wanna know if there are ohter methods to read data.
Thank you,

The code:
NAV = DataPlatformTable(DataFamily.dali_nav.nav)
nv = NAV.to_vaex()