How to make data frame editable and update back into the database

Hi Team,

Currently I am displaying a data frame through streamlit application in front end gui. Currently I have enabled a radio button provision, hence upon particular variable and it’s respective row had been shown perfectly.

                  Now, I would like to provide an editable provision so that the particular variable row is updated accordingly. Finally the updated data frame has to pushed back to the concerned table of the database.

Any leads are welcome.

One option is DTALE . dtale/ at master · man-group/dtale · GitHub There’s probably an easier way (DTALE is a big complex and powerful package) but DTALE is very cool and powerful.

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Hi @Swaminathan_Sekar

I think it’d be pretty easy to use Ag-Grid to achieve your goals of having editable tables, grabbing that data and updating your database. Ag-Grid might be simpler to get started and, more importantly, better suited to (in sympathy with) the way Streamlit works natively than DTale, though I have no experience with DTale to be definitive in that opinion. (I looked at DTale docs and demos and it’s pretty cool! Thanks for the pointer @fredzannarbor.)


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