How to make placeholder for components.iframe?

How to make a placeholder for components.iframe()? For everything else I have seen that there is st.empty(). I looked everywhere couldn’t find the way to do the same for components.iframe()

I have 3 elements in a column and the 3rd (iframe) one depends on the input for the first two, but I want to place the 3rd one as first. Hence I thought placeholder could be a way but am unable to find a way of producing the same for components.iframe.

Ps: with components, I mean import streamlit.components.v1 as components

Used st.markdown("") instead, which worked. But would still love to know if something can be possible with components.iframe.

Hello @mac1,

You can use st.container(). You can even add multiple widgets inside it, including components. Check out the second code example shown there: st.container - Streamlit Docs