How to make the text or string pop by adding emojis in beta_expander

Hi there! :wave: I would like to bring attention to the users to the beta_expander in a big page and was wondering if there is a way to add a small icon or emoji by the string or title of the beta_expander? For example,

show_video = st.beta_expander(“New Video”, False)

and add something to the right of “New Video” so it’s not just plain text when it’s rendered. If that’s not possible… can I change the color of “New Video”? Thank you!!

I have an app where I’ve simply included unicode in the expander label, for example:

with st.beta_expander('\U0001F4E1 API endpoint details'):
    # your code here

Displays this:

I use this page to get the unicodes.


Wonderful reference page (bookmarked it!) and the sample code to help me make my text lovely. Thank you @asehmi!