How to move fullscreen-enter icon

Dear team, users,

How could I decide the place where the ‘fullscreen-enter’ icon appears in the charts? I am having trouble with this when plotting with plotly, as follows:

Alternatively, moving the plotly bar options would be valid also.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @GermanCM and welcome to the forum :wave:,

Currently that’s not supported, but we are working on Customizable Layout for Streamlit .
In the meantime you can hack your way around a solution by using st.markdown. Try styling .overlayBtn of the plotly .element-container.

Let me know if you need any help.
And thanks for using Streamlit! :guitar:

Thanks for your answer @kantuni. Nevertheless I am afraid I did not get what you exactly mean by using markdown in this context, as I understand markdown is basically for displaying styled text, not interacting with the graph, am I missing anything? Could you elaborate a bit more what you mean?
About styling elements, please consider my main focus is to apply as simple as possible settings, as I am a data science focused guy rather that front-end detailed topics.

Thanks in advance, I love streamlit!

Dear @kantuni I made my way around by modifying the width property of the update_layout method of the plotly figure as follows:

                height=500, width=710, 
                legend=dict(x=-.3, y=0.1))


Thanks again for your replies


Dear @GermanCM,

One can use <style> (a.k.a internal CSS) inside st.markdown.
This is known as the Markdown HACK.

P.S. Your solution is as good as the one above!

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