How to open new browser tab dynamically without different pages

Hi Streamlit Community,
I have a query, I have 100 items in a st.selectbox. my requirement is whenever i select something from the list in st.selectbox and clicking a button should open a new browser tab with only that element which we selected from the st.selectbox.

  1. Is it possible to done this Dynamically without using any other .py files? or i will have to use 100 separate .py files?
  2. I want to use each element in different sessions since we need to do independent operations

Any suggestions or pointers will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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A perfect timing to showcase both query_params and link_button.

  • I will use another file under the pages folder.
  • It will open a new tab as different session.

from streamlit import session_state as ss

st.selectbox('Select', options=['Manila', 'Tokyo', 'Beijing'], key='country')

# Hitting the button redirects to a new session on same app under the pages folder.
    label=f'Hit me to start processing {}.'


import streamlit as st

# http://localhost:8501/processor/?country=Manila
qp = st.query_params
if qp:
    st.write(f'Processing {qp["country"]} ...')

I would connect the st.query_params with st.link_button, something like this:


But I think that would not conserve the session information between tabs?

import streamlit as st

list_options = ["Pear", "Banana", "Guanabana"]

fruit = st.query_params.get("fruit", None)

if fruit:
    f"## {fruit} is a great choice! "
    st.image(f"{fruit}", caption=f"{fruit}!")

    selection = st.selectbox("Select:", list_options, index=None)
    if selection:
            "See more!",


Hi @ferdy ,
Thank you for the reply. So if there are 100 options, i only need to create 1 pages/
All the pages that will be created should work independently.

Thanks a lot for the answer!

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Hi @edsaac,

Thanks a lot for the answer.

I did not understand what you meant by this. As per the requirement i really don’t need session information between tabs, since every tab will be working independently.

Can you give me some insights regarding this.

Thanks a lot for the reply!

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They will not share session states.

You have to be careful though if is accessing a database for example. Reading is fine, but writing is an issue because of race condition.

It would be better if you tell us what process are you going to do.

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Thanks @ferdy,
Actually I want to use Paramiko to connect to different servers and do some independent tasks. For the database race conditions, there will be individual databases for different servers. I think the race condition issue will not be a problem in this situation

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Ah, got it, i understood you needed the opposite. It should work fine then!

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Hi @edsaac, Thanks a lot for confirming.

Thanks a lot @ferdy and @edsaac for the help

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