How to output client or remote IP #s to console?

I’ve tried different logLevels and none give me the client or remote IP #s. I want to be able to see or store IP #s that have accessed my streamlit app.


Yes. I wan’t as well. I have been thinking about taking a look at the streamlit code. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. Maybe the starting point is just to google how to get that information from Tornado normally.

And the use case for me is to better understand my users and how they use my app so that I can improve.

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Hi @pybokeh and @Marc,

Thanks for the suggestion! It would be cool, and I don’t think this would be hard to implement.

I filed this as a proposed enhancement here. If you have any further ideas to influence how this might get built, can you add them to the GitHub issue?


Thanks @nthmost! Not too critical for me. It’s a “nice to have” sort of thing since streamlit is being touted as a framework for making ML apps and not so much as a mini web app framework, so I don’t expect much priority or activity on this.

Use case: Being able to capture client IP #s is great for when there is a need to create a quick and informal poll or survey web app. I’ve done this using Flask framework for internal “anonymous” surveys. I know that IP #s are not consistent or can change, but for informal surveys behind a corporate network, it generally works well, instead of having to sign up on SurveyMonkey (or can’t because the survey is about info that we don’t necessarily want shared or hosted externally) or we don’t want to have to do quite a bit of coding using Flask or Django.

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Me too. I am building a dashboard for an internal department and want to be able to track who is using it and how.