How to remove spacing between the button

Hi there, I am new to Streamlit and designing an app. I have added two columns to add buttons vertically but unable to remove the spacing between the button. Please tell me how can I remove the spacing between the buttons? Here is the code snippet:

with embedding:
st.subheader(‘Embedding Method’)
#Using columns function to make two columns
col1,col2 = st.columns(2)
col2.button(‘Google News’)

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Hi @Abdul, and welcome to the Streamlit community! :raised_hands:

You can remove spaces by opting for brackets in st.columns, e.g.:

st.subheader("Embedding Method")
# Using columns function to make two columns
col1, col2, col3 = st.columns([1, 1, 5])
col2.button("Google News")

will output:


I hope that helps!


Thanks for your help @Charly_Wargnier . Is there any way I can add multiple buttons in one column? Because this space is still too much. I just want them side by side with almost no spacing.

Sorted. Thanks for your help.