How to render/read plotly generated by separate process?

I inherited some existing matlab scripts that among other things generate native matlab figure objects. There is a library in which I can convert those figure objects into plotly objects. I want to make a simple streamlit app where I can display those plotly charts and do things like select by name/date etc. That metadata for the filters I can build into the file names or object storage paths that the app reads from.

This is maybe more of a plotly focused question, but what format should I be saving off the plotly figures from the matlab script such that I can then open and show them again within streamlit? These plots aren’t generated at runtime, and I’m just looking to open and display it but maintaining the interactivity of the original plotly.

If the plotly objects are serialized as json, then reading the json in python to recreate the figures should be quite straightforward. You can find the details in the plotly docs.