How to select the same item multiple times from a multiselect

Hey everyone, I am trying to select multiple times the same item from a multiselect, how should I do this ?

Hi @Louis_Ronchi ,

Welcome to the community, can you please explain your usecase a little


Hi Akshansh, I have a financial chart representing the price of an asset for the moment. With the multiselect I want to let the user choose different technical indicators to add to the plot. Letโ€™s say in my muliselect I have a list with 3 items: [โ€˜smaโ€™, โ€˜emaโ€™, 'mad]. I would like to be able to select multiple times the same because each item can take different parameters afterwards.

I hope it is clearer, let me know ! Thank you

Hi louis,

This isnโ€™t possible with miltiselect directly,
But you can use st.number_input in conjunction with miltiselect to input the count for each selected item.

Let me know if you need a snippet for this.


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Hi Akshansh,
For my task, I would like to see such a snippet of code. Share it please. Thanks!

Can you share the snippet please, seems like this is what I am also trying to achieve.

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