How to serve static files in streamlit?

How can i serve static files,so i can access it directly from the frowser.
For example,in FastAPI,i can use mount method:

app.mount('/static', StaticFiles(directory=ROOT_DIR.joinpath('static')), name='static')

How do I implement this in streamlit?

Hi @ji_haoran, thanks for posting! What types of files are you looking to serve?

Currently, I use the BS icons in Streamlit by referencing the CDN bootstrap-icon.css file:

@import url("");

But I wanted to use the BS icons locally, so I downloaded the relevant files locally, but when I used it, I found that it referenced the external file with the suffix WOFF, so I wondered if I could serve the external file locally.
The head of bootstrap-icon.css file:

@font-face {
  font-display: block;
  font-family: "bootstrap-icons";
  src: url("./fonts/bootstrap-icons.woff2?8d200481aa7f02a2d63a331fc782cfaf") format("woff2"),
url("./fonts/bootstrap-icons.woff?8d200481aa7f02a2d63a331fc782cfaf") format("woff");

And my static files structure:

  • bootstrap-icons.css
  • fonts
    • bootstrap-icons.woff
    • bootstrap-icons.woff2
  • 1-circle.svg
  • 1-circle-fill.svg