How to set the backgroud for a streamlit web program?

If I want to use a Gradient backgroud with 2 colors or use a picture to set as backgroud of a streamlit web program, how should I set in the program?

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Hey @BeyondMyself,

Check out this code from @andfanilo that changes the background colour of a streamlit app using a style.css file. Currently, the only way to change the background colour of your app is to write some css code to over ride the defaults that Streamlit uses.

However, we are currently working on theming, which will allow you to do just this (but easier!!) and that is set to come out very soon! The planned launch is this quarter!!! :star_struck: :partying_face:

Happy Streamlit-ing!


I’m really looking forward to this feature! This will bring a lot more personalization to the streamlit apps!

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Hope streamlit team make a great breakthrough at next step.

Yes, it will make our web app more colorful.

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