How to set wide mode as wide in initialize


in initialize, the wide mode is open, I want to prepare dashboard, how to do set wide mode is close, I set css as checked:"checked", but it can’t run.
how to do?

And if I want fill title in head(.
<div data-testid="stDecoration" class="css-1dp5vir e8zbici1" style="text-align:center; font-size:30px"> Dashboard </div>

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:


Have you checked the set_page_config?

  1. I see the widemode can be setting in config, but how to modify the template, add text in header(class=“css-1dp5vir e8zbici1”).
  2. If I want to modify the margin-top, how to do ?
<div class="block-container css-k1ih3n egzxvld4" style="position: relative;">

.css-k1ih3n {
    width: 100%;
    padding: 4rem 1rem 4rem;
    min-width: auto;
    max-width: initial;