How to show audio player when point on interactive plot is clicked?


I’m trying to implement the above diagram in Streamlit. Each point on the graph represents an audio file and I would like to hear each audio file in order to do EDA.

Any suggestions regarding how I can do this?

Hi @ssakhavi,

This is not possible natively in Streamlit, but we have a couple of community members that made components that can (I believe):

by @Bright:

and another for vega, vega-light and Altair:


Looks like I missed a couple of components that do this for other libraries: (thanks to @andfanilo for pointing them out to me)

@ash2shukla’s Brokeh:

@null-jones plotly one:

@andfanilo’s echarts one does this as well:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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Thanks @Marisa_Smith. I appreciate the responses.

I didn’t know what I was looking. Now I know that it’s related to “Events” and “Bi-directional Components”.

Thank you