How to show 'inverted' plot?

Hi! I need to vizualize how living song in music chart during some time… How can I do it? Usual plot will show 1 place in chart near the bottom line and 100th place on the top. How could I change it (1- on the top, 100 - at the ground)? :slight_smile:

mutiply the values with -1 and show that?

Yes, thank you :slight_smile:
But I had hope to do it without changing data :slight_smile:

Hi @Alexei_Zhuravlev, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Which plotting library are you using?

I’m using Matplotlib. I’ve found solution :slight_smile:
this code

                fig = plt.figure(figsize =(10,5))
                axes = fig.add_axes(plt.gca())
                axes.set_ylabel('some text')
                axes.set_xlabel('some text')