How to show like a table: a data item and a button in one row

Please help!

I hope to list some data items in a format as
in each row, show a data (a job name) and a button. With clicking the button, the user can select to show the corresponding result.

Tried to put buttons into a Dataframe but failed. Please kindly help address this UI function. Thanks a lot!


You can use Streamlit columns instead, and put your text in one column and your button widgets in another.

Thanks a lot Shawn!
I tried using columns as you suggested. It is good to align the button and text in each row by re-stating columns for each new row.
But got a new problem: Using button introduced dependency like – if there are actions like radio selection produced after clicking the button, the button selection will be null if changing the radio selection. This may due to Streamlit’s intrinsic mechanism of reruning the whole UI again from the beginning to the end. For now, I am using a radio selection to mimic the desired table look of data item and a button.
Thanks again!