How to solve this error message?

validation error for OpenAIEmbeddings root Did not find openai_api_key, please add an environment variable OPENAI_API_KEY which contains it, or pass openai_api_key as a named parameter. (type=value_error)

Hey @kevinjosue1,

It looks like your app doesn’t have an OpenAI API key and you’re trying to use the OpenAI API.

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Try adding your own Api key as i think you have not set an api key in your app

Try adding your own openai api key

I have this same error coming up but I have an API key in my .env that I know is good and I can see where dotenv is being imported in my so I am really unsure what is going wrong here. Any help would be appreciated.

Instead of storing in the .env use the following method:-

If you are running the application in your host then maintain a folder named . streamlit and that create a file named secrets.toml . That file structured should be in the following format:-


Then use the following code in your main file as follows:-

import streamlit as st

If you want publish your app in cloud, before hitting the deploy button, click on advance settings then click on secrets. In there add the secret as follows:-


(Note:- don’t add any other extra things in that window)

If you are deploying in the cloud no need of maintaining the folder . streamlit in your directory.

Also make sure your main file should as the following format:-


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