How to start streamlit in dev mode?

Hi, I would like to do some development on Streamlit, but every time I modify the frontend code, I need to execute the “make all” command to install Streamlit, which takes too long to compile. Could you please tell me how to start the development mode? I have searched through all the documentation and couldn’t find any relevant information.

Open your terminal or command prompt.
Navigate to the directory where your Streamlit app code is located.
Run the following command:

streamlit run --no-reload

Replace with the name of your Streamlit app file.

Streamlit will start the server and display the URL where your app is running (usually http://localhost:8501).

once you have modified something in your code, you can click the “rerun” button and see how the changes are made in your streamlit app.

There is an article in the wiki.

Looks like --no-reload is the standard now?? At least my app does not reloat when the code changes.

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