How to stop automatic runing

Hi everybody,

I want to pass two values, a min and a max, as variables for my code. I have used for this, st.select_slider , st.number_input, and the problem I have is the same, when I put the minimum value this is automatically launched, and what I want is to put the minimum value, then the maximum and then pass these variables with my “submit” button. How can I stop the automatic launching of these values and only be able to send them with the submit button?

my code:

      number = st.slider('Insert your min and max value',value=[0.0,1.0])
            st.write('Your interval is ', number[0],'-',number[1])


Hi @karina-castillo -

If you need to bundle inputs together in such a way that they all need to be finished before submitting, you can use st.form


Hi @randyzwitch !

Thank you for your quick response. I will use st.form for my problem.