How to stop my backend algorithm

I am now making a page for algorithm display. I want users to upload data, wait for the algorithm to run, and view the visualization results on the page. But I encountered the following three problems:

  1. Where should my algorithm be implemented?

  2. My algorithm takes a long time. Even if I can give feedback to users through the progress bar, users can still close the tab when they lose patience. After the tab is closed, will my algorithm continue to run on the server? If it will continue to run, can I stop it?

  3. How do I control the number of users executing the algorithm because my algorithm consumes computing resources very much.

Thank you!

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hello, l alse have this trouble !!!

Do you have some methods to solve it?

Sorry, l have no idea seen now. Although l refresh or shortout my streamlit_web serevr, my program(some bash commands) which runned by streamlit was still running untill the end!!!