How to store multiple public google sheet keys in app-secrets?

Hi all, i’m still new to python and streamlit.
I’m trying to build a dashboard where the user can change the access to the datasource via a streamlit ‘selectbox’.
All good as long as i just want to switch between different tabs in a google sheet, but in order to access a different google sheet i need to somehow pass the new Google-Sheet-Link to the in app secrets.

How do i do that?

currently it is for one sheet:
public_gsheets_url = “

I’d like to have something like:
public_gsheets_url = “
public_gsheets_url2 = “

Thank you in advance!!

That looks fine. What is the problem?

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(post deleted by author)

Uuhhm - resolved without changing anything - don’t know what happened… thank you and sorry haha