How to store streamlit app's input data in cloud storage?

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I am working on a ML model Streamlit app on my local machine. It is a simple app to detect whether a given input x-ray image is pneumonia affected or not. I have implemented simple functionality such as login and signup for existing/new user by username and password.
I have used cloud database for storing the data (i.e. user login details and images uploaded).
The app is working fine. However, the images I am uploading to check whether affected or not are getting stored on my local machine. I want them to get stored on database.
Is there any way to do so? If yes, then do suggest how to do it.
My app is locally deployed on my local machine. Python version is 3.11 and Streamlit version is 1.28.0 as of now

uploaded_file = st.file_uploader("Choose an image...", type= ["jpg","png","jpeg"]) if uploaded_file is not None: st.image (uploaded_file, caption="uploaded Image", use_column_width=True) img =,255)) st.image (img, use_column_width=False) save_image_path='./upload_images/' + with open(save_image_path, 'wb') as f: f.write(uploaded_file.getbuffer()) if uploaded_file is not None: result = processed_img(save_image_path) e_path) if result == yes: else: st.error(result) st.success(result)