How to store the input given by user given in multi select option to sql server

how to store the inputs given by user for multi select option into sql server in a single value in a column

Hi @Ramya_Anand,

Thanks for posting! Can you share the code you’ve written to try to implement this so far? We can point you in the right direction from there


Thanks for the reply @Caroline
i found the solution
Will bug you for another problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Ramya_Anand,

Great! Can you share your solution here so that future readers of the forum can see how you figured it out?

“INSERT INTO solvertest ([Reason for ‘We demonstrated listening’ being No]) Values(?)”,
solution for the problem

@Caroline can we store xlsx/csv files in streamlit without using any database even after deploying?

@Ramya_Anand you would need to store the file in the GitHub repo

@Caroline can i capture the time automatically after clicking submit button?