How to suppress warning during direct python running?

I’m merging my current project with a streamlit frontend. I have a main to control the whole page, while there are some log/prints/progress in other imported modules or classes i’d like to show either. Besides passing a positional st.empty() object into it and write, I’m thinking use st.write() to show things if frontend is on. Since it’s also possible that I run these scripts directly in python console, st.write is bypassed, of cause, but i get these warnings:

Warning: to view this Streamlit app on a browser, run it with the following
streamlit run C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm 2020.1\plugins\python\helpers\pydev\ [ARGUMENTS]

Is there a way to suppress these warnings because it’s exactly what I want ?

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I would also like to turn this off, as I can call my script from both the command line or as an interactive app – is there a solution for suppressing this warning?

Yes, it can be toggled off by setting showWarningOnDirectExecution = false


Thank you so much Randy! I didn’t initially think this would be found in the config settings, but that does make sense now. Your solution works perfectly :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

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Hi randyzwitch,

I’m trying to run an “dashboard” deployment with streamlit and always appear something like that:

How can I suppress that, thinking that I will deploy ?

I tried something at CLI but unsuccessfully

This is not the same issue. In this case, the warning is letting you know that for the code version of Streamlit you have installed, you should rename any references to st.beta_columns to st.columns.