How to trigger st.experimental_dialog with On Click Function?

Iโ€™m using an on_click function to trigger a dialog.

However, I receive an error message when I click on the close button.

The following script displays three buttons.

The third button produces an error when closing the dialog.

RuntimeError: Could not find fragment with id 1c78f2182f4bcfbd2cda9b9971306dc7
File "/home/user/streamlit_fragment_test/.venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/streamlit/runtime/scriptrunner/", line 595, in _run_script
    raise RuntimeError(

My script:

import streamlit as st

def simple_on_click_function(key):
    st.write("You clicked me", st.session_state[key])
    if st.button("Close"):

@st.experimental_dialog("You clicked a button!")
def show_dialog(key):
    st.write("You clicked me", st.session_state[key])
    if st.button("Close"):

def run_full_script():
        "Clicking Button 1 triggers a simple on-click function to display some text.")
    st.write("Cicking the close button works as expected.")
    st.button("Button 1 - Simple On Click Function", key="button_1",
              on_click=simple_on_click_function, args=["button_1"])

    st.write("Clicking Button 2 triggers a dialog function to display some text.")
    st.write("Clicking the close button in the dialog works as expected.")
    if st.button("Button 2 - Show Dialog - No Error", key="button_2"):

    st.write("Clicking Button 3 triggers a dialog function to display some text.")
    st.write("However, clicking the close button in the dialog causes an error.")
    st.button("Button 3 - Show Dialog - Error on Close", key="button_3",
              on_click=show_dialog, args=["button_3"])


Script runs locally as is
Python: 3.10
Streamlit: 1.34

Im having the same issue. Streamlit team, is there a way to fix this?

How fragments interact with callbacks is still being worked out. Officially, you can think of calling fragments as a callback as unsupported. (Dialogs are an extension of fragments.)

Generating visible elements within a callback (even if that visible element is a dialog) is a special case. Callbacks appear to โ€œpush downโ€ the rest of the app, but if the callback is a fragment/dialog and the rest of the app doesnโ€™t rerun, elements can get deleted and Streamlit can struggle to keep track of elements on the page. This is either because something isnโ€™t there anymore or the indexing gets off and Streamlit looks in the wrong place.


Thanks for the explanation.

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