How to update streamlit app?


I am beginner, willing to learn streamlit. I have a question, after converting jupyter notebook (.ipynb) file to python source file (.py), we run the streamlit app from terminal. After an attempt to run the file, Lets say i Have to update the jupyter notebook file with source code. For this i have to close the terminal again, then again open the jupyter notebook to modify the code, then again export it to (.py) file, then again reopen the terminal to run the streamlit app. This something messy for me which i am doing. My question is, is there anyway to modify the source code and update the streamlit app in a singe attempt, with closing and reopening the terminal and jupyter notebook.

Run the app by pasting it into vsc instead of converting the ipynb file from Jupiter’s laptop. Then, if you modify the code in vsc, it will be automatically modified.

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Alright. Thankyou