How to update underlying data?

Hi all,
I started using streamlit locally few months ago and I absolutely love it - thank you for developing this amazing tool.

Next step for me is to deploy it, apologies for newbie questions but I never deployed anything online…

Anyway I can see that long story short via github we upload code and essential files and then script is executed online, for most of the applications I can see script is using uploaded data or user input (i.e. for all AI aps).

Now, what can I do if I need to update in real-time dataset which is used by streamlit app?

To give you an example I want to create streamlit app which displays information on stocks and their technical indicators in real time. Locally it’s easy as I just read the database saved and updated locally (database is being updated with another python script every second), but how do I do it for online version?

If you can just point me to the right direction , i.e. is it possible to update files in github in real time and then streamlit app would use always “new dataset”?

Any other ideas or methods how to do it?
(PS: I don’t want streamlit to get the data on its own as it’s too much and it would be too slow).


Hi @Pawel_Poprawski

If the app is reading its data from the GitHub repo and if the data updates, then the app would be using the updated data. If it doesn’t then an app reboot should allow it to read the updated data.

Hope this helps!