How to upload and read the local faiss database into streamlit application

Hi everyone im new to streamlit and tried making databased related query application by using Faiss database.
i have one local faiss database which consist one .faiss file and one .pkl file, here i want to upload this file into my streamlit app (i tried “FAISS.load_local(“faiss_index”, embeddings)” but lots of error) and start asking querys.
based on all the errors i can vaguly understand that faiss.local_load requires folder path instead of the file itself but still i don’t know how to achieve it here.
if anyone knows solution please help me out!
thanks in advance!!!

Hi @Jack_pot,

Thanks for sharing this question!

If you’re deploying your app on Streamlit Community Cloud and trying to access a file stored on your local computer, you’ll need to add that file to the GitHub repository for your app – once your app is deployed on Streamlit Community Cloud, it won’t have access to any of the files stored on your local computer.

Hey @Caroline, I just deployed a new app with the FAISS index in the same directory (pushed to github) and am still running into an issue where it says no file or directory found. any ideas?

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