How to use Streamlit on windows server

Firstly, I run “pip install streamlit”;
and then,

so I create a pip.ini file for my account,then I install streamlit successfully, but when I run “streamlit hello or streamlit run”.

how can I ran a streamlit program.thanks~

Hi @ADExxxxxx, thanks a lot for posting. It seems like something is wrong with numpy. Can you check your numpy is correctly installed? You should be able to enter python cli and type something like:

> import numpy
> numpy.arange(3)

Can you also tell me which version of Windows and how your dev environment looks like? Are you using Anaconda? Which version?


Which python version are you using? Some user has reported a problem with python 3.8.

Hi,thanks for your answer.

this is my python version, I think there’s something wrong with my numpy。
But when I fixed numpy’s mistake, a new one came up.

Even if I download the urllib3 module again, It still reports an error

It seems something may be wrong with your ssl installation.
For Windows we recommend a workflow along the lines explained in this post: Streamlit on windows

You create an environment via Anaconda Navigator and you may be able to sidestep the specific problem related to ssl, given that Anaconda is properly installed.