Unable to install library ( Windows 10, PyCharm , Anaconda )


I’m using Anaconda’s Python interpreter for Pycharm. I was able to install streamlit and able init the library.


But I have issues running the streamlit command at the Pycharm terminal.

May I know how to resolve this?

Hi @Andrew_Ng,

Thanks for your question. I’m going to ask what might be a silly question but it’s not totally clear from the information you’ve given so far – have you done pip install streamlit from within that “(base)” environment you have running the terminal where you are trying to do streamlit run test.py?

By the way, some of us engineers at Streamlit do use Pycharm, and how we have it set up is that we change the behavior of the “play” button by changing the run line to say streamlit run app.py (where “app.py” is the name of your script). You would set this up in Run/Debug Configurations (see docs here).

Anyway let me know the answer to the above, see if that helps if you haven’t done this yet, and I’ll try to help more if that doesn’t solve the problem. Thanks for dropping by the forum!

Hi @nthmost,

Sorry for the late reply
I manage to pip install . all is well.

Thank you for your response.


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