How to waiting multipage app?


I’m using multipage app in streamlit

SO I have file and pages folder have, file

I think that multipage app is running at the same time
But I must run first file and after running file
BCZ file is reading file in s3 after give 1_Keyword_Demo

So How to do that?
WHen file running finished Then another pages running

Hi @lima4,

To be sure: are you asking if other pages could only be shown after the S3 file has been successfully read?


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Hi @lima4

It seems you want the page to run first in order to read data from S3, then you want that data to persist to other pages?

If so, you can try caching the data via `@st.cache_data (st.cache_data - Streamlit Docs) and/or assign it as a session state variable from which you can call in other pages of the app.

More details on session states here:

Hope this helps!

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