How to zoom st.image

I used st.image() to open a image in my page, but this picture needs to be enlarged after clicking.
is there any method to do it?

layout ='..\\layout.png')

Hi @ethanyan :wave:

Thanks for your question!

Currently, Streamlit does not have a built-in feature to enlarge an image when clicked.

But you can achieve this functionality by using a workaround that involves creating an HTML hyperlink around the image and using the st.markdown function to display the image.

When the image is clicked, it will open in a new browser tab at its original size.

Hereโ€™s an example of how you can do this:

import streamlit as st

# Define the path to the image
image_path = '..\\layout.png'

# Define the HTML hyperlink with the image
html_string = f'<a href="{image_path}" target="_blank"><img src="{image_path}" width="200" caption="legend"></a>'

# Display the image using `st.markdown`
st.markdown(html_string, unsafe_allow_html=True)

Please note that this solution opens the image in a new browser tab, which is the closest behavior to enlarging the image when clicked.

I hope that this workaround will be helpful. Please let us know how it goes.

Happy Streamlit-ing! :balloon:


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Thanks, I can get a new page, but the link is wrong.

I can get the image with the following code but not in html_string
layout ='.\layout.png')
Is there something wrong with how Iโ€™m using it?

Thanks @ethanyan

Did you try forward slashes (/) instead of backslashes ()?


If you want to access this, youโ€™ll have to turn on Static File Serving Static file serving - Streamlit Docs, and put the image in the static/ folder, and reference it with the link app/static/layout.png

You can test it out by just going to <your_app_url>/app/static/layout.png and see if it works

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