Html files with internal document/reference links don't work in streamlit

Dear Streamlit Community,

I am building an app where I want to show a documentation page, when a button is clicked.
I embed this documentation page using the function streamlit.components.v1.html.
The embedded document is an html file created with word that contains internal links/references between different chapters.
However, when such a link is clicked, the layout of streamlit messes up:

I provide a dummy code and a dummy code here:

import streamlit as st
import sys
from streamlit.web import cli as stcli

# pip uninstall altair
# pip install altair=4.0.0
# is needed (newer versions of altair seem not to work)

def main():

    # Reset input widgets upon button click
    def on_click_button_userguide():
        #The loaded file must be an html with all images embedded (i.e. not in a separate folder!)
        with open("test.html", 'r', encoding="utf-8") as f:
            DokuHtml =
        alignment_style = """
                        .main {
                            align-items: flex-start;
        st.markdown(alignment_style, unsafe_allow_html=True)
        st.components.v1.html(DokuHtml, width=1500, height=50000)

    st.sidebar.button("FAQ / User Guide", on_click=on_click_button_userguide)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    #Run streamlit app
    if st._is_running_with_streamlit:
        sys.argv = ["streamlit", "run", sys.argv[0]]

You can use any dummy html test.html file in utf-8 formatting that contains internal links.
I would very much appreciate your help to get that fixed.
I would like to display the FAQ section with working internal (and external) links.
Thanks already in advance!

Hi @Patrick

There’s a simple solution that may potentially solve the problem that you’re facing. Instead of the custom link function, you can use the Switch Page function from streamlit-extras for a multi-page app.

An example code snippet would look like the following:

from streamlit_extras.switch_page_button import switch_page

want_to_contribute = st.button("I want to contribute!")
if want_to_contribute:

Hope this helps!

Many thanks @dataprofessor:

Unfortunately creating a multipage app does not help.
I used the switch functionality as you suggested, but then i have to load the html on the second streamlit page. And there the same problem occurs again:

Any other ideas? It should be possible to just load an external html with internal links and display it in streamlit.
If not, can i somehow make a link that just open a new browser page (non-streamlit), where the documentation is visible?

I would not recommend using streamlit for hosting statically generated html files – you might as well host those elsewhere (e.g. on github pages). You could use the new st.link_button to add a button to your app that would send the user to a new external url.

I have the same issue, are you solve it?