Hydralit_components - nav_bar

I am using the hydralit_components to create the horizontal nav bar. I have a requirement to control access to nav bar options basis user access. How can I achieve the same ?

Manoj Kumar

Sounds like you might want to have a look at the Hydralit library where the navbar comes from. The samples and the large example repo demonstrate how to control what each user sees on the navbar as well as what they can access depending on what you would like to do.

This sounds like a cleaner way to meet your needs, else you can simply use some means to check the user and then pass in a different definition for the navbar based on checking those details directly.

You can see the logic in the example repo.

Hey @manoj_kumar!

I’m a product manager at Streamlit and we’re currently working on a feature that might help you in this situation. Would love to chat with you to figure out if it really solves your issue! Would you be open to having a 20-30 min meeting sometime this or next week?

Cheers, Johannes

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Yes, we can discuss on this feature.


Thanks for your response…

Just to give background, i work for financial institution and each data cannot be shared openly. in my application i will be creating the roles which will details of menu items…stored in database. These roles will be assigned to users. The role will have two parts one is details of menu options and location details for which user can see the data. So, when user will login basis role he or she should see the details.

Can you please share some idea how can we achieve using streamlit or any other components of streamlit.


Great! I’ll send you a DM to set this up :slight_smile:

I am from India…we can have discussion on this either on weekends or late or early morning evening during weekdays.

Please let me your contact details so that i send the calander invite

Manoj Kumar