Hyperlinks in gb.configure_column stopped working

I have been successfully using this very useful package, and until recently could implement hyperlinks in a column with the code:

gb.configure_column("ISSUE", headerName="ISSUE", cellRenderer=JsCode('''function(params) {return '<a href="https://thebcd.co.uk/issue_' + params.value + '" target="_blank">'+ params.value+'</a>'}'''), width=300)

which would result in a hyperlink to an address related to the cell value.

On editing a different part of of my app, I now find that instead of creating a hyperlink to the address, the html text is written to the screen instead:

<a href="https://thebcd.co.uk/issue_1" target="_blank">1</a>

rather than the hyperlink from the cell value 1 to the address. Any help appreciated.

This was resolved by the developer of the package, Pablo Fonseca, with the response from his GitHub repository:

Should be working in 0.3.2 (of streamlit-aggrid package).

I had to downgrade ag-grid-react to 6.2.0

The hyperlinks are now back to working as expected.