I am a newbie here, anyone can help to solve this?

I am building a ML model to predict a car price using linear regression. However iI got this error while deploying on streamlit:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘car_price_model.pkl’

Need help! Following is my github repo:

Hi there!

It appears you have not included the ‘car_price_model.pkl’ file in your Github repository. Can you upload the ‘car_price_model.pkl’ file to your repo and try again?


Yes you are correct

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I already stored the ‘car_price_model.pkl’ in another py file name app2.py.

Hey @CHING_PANG_GOH , try running app2.py file first so that it creates .pkl file first. And then run load.py. And after that push it on github.

Also make sure you are running it on terminal opened in same directory.

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Like its not exactly storing but that py file can generate that model
So if you place that model directly then it dont need to execute again and again everytime
and the load.py file will directly take pkl file and executes

So place that pkl file there ,dont delete it and execute
it should work!

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