I am having issue with deployment

I am having issue with deployment and the application is working well on my local machine.

Hi @Exwhybaba

To allow the community to help in identifying the error, can you share the GitHub repo of this app.

From the screenshot, I’d recommend checking that the model file model/Imagemodel.h5 is in the repo as it seems to raise an error.

@dataprofessor thanks for your response. the GitHub repo is Bean_disease_classifier/beans_app.py at main · Exwhybaba/Bean_disease_classifier (github.com)

Based on the error message, you might try this approach machine learning - ValueError: Unknown optimizer: Custom>Adam| Adam Optimizer on Raspberry Pi (TensorFlow 2.5.0rc0) - Stack Overflow

@blackary after using compile = false as stated in stackoverflow, i am still havng this error: OSError: Unable to load model. Filepath is not an hdf5 file (or h5py is not available) or SavedModel. Received: filepath=b’404: Not Found’ and this is working well on my local maching.

Leave away requests it is not necessary, just use loaded_model = load_model('Imagemodel.h5')
The model files are in your repo, there is no need to download them!

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I tried using it directly still having the same issue.

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