I cannot use open pipeline.pkl in my streamlit

when I use my pipeline do predict, there is some problem in streamlit

Looks like you should install python3-scipy or use pip3 on Unix to get scipy.sparse (SciPy 2-D sparse array package for numeric data). Perhaps, if using pip, it is installing the python2 version without scipy.sparse. conda will install it, and so will installing tensorflow / keras.

Thank you so much, but I get this error when I deploy my app in streamlit

Hi @YUXIN_TAN, :wave:

What version of scipy have you installed on Cloud? And what version of Python are you using?

The scipy.sparse._csr module was added in scipy==1.8.0, which has wheels for Python 3.8+.

To fix the issue, include scipy==1.8.0 and numpy in your requirements.txt, and select Python 3.8 from the Advanced settings modal on Cloud.

Best, :balloon: