I deployed the app and its up and running but its not showing on your apps streamlit page

Its not visible on the streamlit sharing page

You can checkout the app here

Hi @usamajavid, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Can you provide the URL of the page where you are expecting to see your app?


Thanks for clarifying @usamajavid, I’ll highlight this to our engineering team to see if they have any ideas.


Hi @usamajavid ! When I went to check the app source code at https://github.com/usamajavid/handwriting/blob/main/gui.py it shows a 404 page. Could you please verify if the repo exists and if it’s a publicly accessible?


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I’ve not made the source code available for the public because it’s an ongoing government project.

per streamlit terms the GitHub repository needs to be set to public for it to be available on StreamLit Sharing

Hi @usamajavid as @Peej1226 pointed out, currently we require that apps running on the Sharing platform is hosted from a public Github repository.


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