I don't know how to describe my problem


Hello everyone! I don’t know how to explain this problem :slight_smile:
I created a gauge chart by using matplotlib; but I don’t want to see this drop down text above the chart. How do I disable it?

hi @baligoyem, Welcome to the community!

Could you please share your code. This makes helping you easier.


hi @maarten-betman, thanks for replying! Here is my code for creating a gauge chart:

        import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
        import streamlit as st
        import pandas as pd
        import numpy as np            
        from matplotlib import cm
        from matplotlib.patches import Circle, Wedge, Rectangle

        def degree_range(n):
            start = np.linspace(0, 180, n + 1, endpoint=True)[0:-1]
            end = np.linspace(0, 180, n + 1, endpoint=True)[1::]
            mid_points = start + ((end - start) / 2.)
            return np.c_[start, end], mid_points

        def rot_text(ang):
            rotation = np.degrees(np.radians(ang) * np.pi / np.pi - np.radians(90))
            return rotation

        def gauge(labels=['LOW', 'MEDIUM', 'HIGH', 'VERY HIGH', 'EXTREME'], \
                  colors='jet_r', arrow=1, title='', fname=False):

            N = len(labels)

            if arrow > N:
                raise Exception("\n\nThe category ({}) is greated than \
                the length\nof the labels ({})".format(arrow, N))

            if isinstance(colors, str):
                cmap = cm.get_cmap(colors, N)
                cmap = cmap(np.arange(N))
                colors = cmap[::-1, :].tolist()
            if isinstance(colors, list):
                if len(colors) == N:
                    colors = colors[::-1]
                    raise Exception("\n\nnumber of colors {} not equal \
                    to number of categories{}\n".format(len(colors), N))

            fig, ax = plt.subplots()

            ang_range, mid_points = degree_range(N)

            labels = labels[::-1]

            patches = []
            for ang, c in zip(ang_range, colors):
                # sectors
                patches.append(Wedge((0.,0.), .4, *ang, facecolor='w', lw=2))
                # arcs
                patches.append(Wedge((0., 0.), .4, *ang, width=0.10, facecolor=c, lw=2, alpha=0.5))

            [ax.add_patch(p) for p in patches]

            for mid, lab in zip(mid_points, labels):
                ax.text(0.35 * np.cos(np.radians(mid)), 0.35 * np.sin(np.radians(mid)), lab, \
                        horizontalalignment='center', verticalalignment='center', fontsize=14, \
                        fontweight='bold', rotation=rot_text(mid))

            r = Rectangle((-0.4, -0.1), 0.8, 0.1, facecolor='w', lw=2)

            ax.text(0, -0.05, title, horizontalalignment='center', \
                    verticalalignment='center', fontsize=22, fontweight='bold')

            pos = mid_points[abs(arrow - N)]

            ax.arrow(0, 0, 0.225 * np.cos(np.radians(pos)), 0.225 * np.sin(np.radians(pos)), \
                     width=0.04, head_width=0.09, head_length=0.1, fc='k', ec='k')

            ax.add_patch(Circle((0, 0), radius=0.02, facecolor='k'))
            ax.add_patch(Circle((0, 0), radius=0.01, facecolor='w', zorder=11))
            plt.title("DQ Score", fontsize = 20)
            if fname:
                fig.savefig(fname, dpi=200)

        gauge(labels=['VERY LOW', 'LOW', 'MEDIUM', 'HIGH'], \
                colors=["#1b0203", "#ED1C24", '#FFCC00', '#007A00'], arrow=2, title="something here")


Hi @baligoyem,

I think it’s due to this list comprehension: [ax.add_patch(p) for p in patches].
Since you’re adding patches to ax you don’t have to store it under a variable, but when adding a patch matplotlib always return the patch object. That’s why streamlit is showing a list of patch objects.

Fix would be to store it under a variable, foo = [ax.add_patch(p) for p in patches].


Hi @maarten-betman,

It’s fixed, thanks a lot!