I get the error " Minified React error #185" but my coworkers don´t

Ì´m getting the above mentioned error in some cases while running some of the st.data_editor() and st.dataframe() widgets used in a Streamlit dashboard. Sometimes refreshing the browser cures this issue momentarily in some of the widgets having issues, but the problem usually reappears after a while. My coworkers have a similar corporate laptop with same Windows version and almost identical installed software and they do not have this problem, which is “good” since this may be an issue with my laptop and not necessarilly the code. But what could be causing this problem???

Streamlit 1.32.2
Python 3.12.0
Windows 10 Enterprise
11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1145G7 @ 2.60GHz 1.50 GHz with 16 GB RAM

Error: Minified React error #185; visit Minified React error #185 – React for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.

at rc (http://localhost:8501/static/js/main.d0867666.js:2:2270081)
at ns (http://localhost:8501/static/js/main.d0867666.js:2:2235374)
at http://localhost:8501/static/js/4253.ffc51ffe.chunk.js:2:148947
at http://localhost:8501/static/js/4253.ffc51ffe.chunk.js:2:278168
at http://localhost:8501/static/js/4253.ffc51ffe.chunk.js:2:221213
at http://localhost:8501/static/js/4253.ffc51ffe.chunk.js:2:221428
at http://localhost:8501/static/js/4253.ffc51ffe.chunk.js:2:217543
at http://localhost:8501/static/js/4253.ffc51ffe.chunk.js:2:217818
at ol (http://localhost:8501/static/js/main.d0867666.js:2:2260597)
at yl (http://localhost:8501/sta

Hi @eurojourney,

Thanks for sharing this question!

Are you running the app locally or on Streamlit Community Cloud?

If it is locally, it might be due to resource constraints on your system. You could also try running the app on a different browser to test the difference.

Locally… do you think, for example, having too many tabs open in my browser could be an issue to run this properly??? I did try running this on a different browser, got the same results though…

Thanks for the details. Did you try running with tabs closed? Also, I would double check that you have enough memory available on your system just in case.